About us

Szigetköz Turizmusáért Egyesület (Association of Szigetköz Tourism) was established in 2009. the 17th of September with 52 members (4 self-governments, 6 non-governmental organizations, 42 entrepreneurs). This Association is absolutely correspond to the esplanade Touristic Destination Management (TDM) organization, which supplies the modern marketing tasks in the region. The strength of the Association is to stick together the direct and indirect performers of the local tourism, where the main aim is the cooperation between them.
Our Association thought that we have bigger chance to submit tenders as a TDM organization instead of being a Public Foundation, because by the calling of tenders (now and in the future as well) the TDM organizations are preferred contrary to the Foundation by the final consideration. In 2010. the 1st of July the actuation was received from the Mosonmagyaróvár Idegenforgalmáért Közalapítvány (Public Foundation of Mosonmagyaróvár’s Tourism).

The purposes of the Association

The purpose of the Association is the development of the tourism, which is based on the partnership of the private and public sphere and the common interest:

• the vocational cohesion of the people, working in the tourism

• the equipment  of the representation of interest for people, working in the tourism

• the boost of the regional tourism

• the transmission of the marketing cognitions on areal level, and the propagation of the right practices.

The tasks of the Association for the execution of ambitions:

• to cooperation with the local Tourist Information’s Office

• to  procreate and actuate  the  Touristic Destination Management

• to complete  the regional tourism’s marketing tasks (image, communication in the media, PR)

• to organize, coordinate and support the edition of the touristic brochures and the appearance on high quality

• to transmit the touristic products to inland and export markets

• to take part in the innovation of the touristic products and establish new products in the

• tourism (cultural-, eco-, angling-, wine-, equestrian-, program tourism)

• to cooperate with the professional organizations of the local area-, county-, and region.

• to inchoate the establishment of new touristic events, and take part in the transaction of traditional programs (planning, coordinating, lobbying).

• to stimulate the innovative capabilities in the region of the tourism.

• to make overtures to the representative guard about the execution of development in tourism, and set the course in the matter of the settlements’ innovation.

• to chart with questionnaires among the visitors and other affected ones

• to lend professional assistance to the development and demonstration of the infrastructure in tourism


The Constitutoin of the Association of Szigetköz Tourism was passed with the fallowing legal background and content by the Statuary Meeting: Right of the Union 1989. II. act, and Civil Code 1959. IV. act 61-63. §-s.

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