Hegyeshalom township lies in the north-western edge of our country, in the vicinity of Austria, in the triangle of the Vienna-Budapest main railway line, the highway no.1 (E5) and the motorways no. M1-M5. Hegyeshalom’s history was primarily determined by its geographical location. The township being located on the thousands years old “royal road” had been important not only for the Imperium ROmanum , but later for the tribes of the migration era and for the thousand year old Hungary. It has already been mentioned in the book of Endre II. from 1217 as Hegelshalm which refers to a pointy-topped hill. The Roman Catholic church, erected on the hill, paid tribute to the Virgin Mary (Sancta Maria). In Hegyeshalom’s more than 200-year-old coat of arm the ostrich stands for the royal characteristics of speed and vigilance, while the silver horseshoe symbolises wealth and good luck. It was a culturally mixed village for centuries, then became mainly German nationality. The township still has two religions. This is represented by the art relic Roman Catholic church and the evangelical churches’ temple sanctified in 1850. Children’s and adults’ favourite destination for doing sports, relaxation and entertainment is Lake Stettni and its sorroundings.

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