Dunaszeg is located in the heart of Szigetköz, which is 15km away from the downtown of Győr. It is to be found on the corner of the shore of Mosoni-Duna, that is where the village originates its name too. The people, who living and employed here are working hard to make the beautification of the village picture. Dunaszeg is rich in attraction, near the Roman Catholic Church located the piety park where placed the 14 stations of the cross. In the community can be found four columns with a votive image on it, upon which are patrons` portrays of the village, which shapes are a unique solution on Kisalföld. The township can be found in a rare valuable and marvellous natural area in our country in Lower-Szigetköz, which is specific landscape components are the rows of backwaters and mortlakes which are accompanying the living waters. The built educational path is offering a full day program for children and adult groups alike. In Dunaszeg there is a village museum, which gives insight the Szigetköz people`s daily life, next to it there is a stable engine collection what is offers an interesting and unique sights for those arriving here. The west edge of the village along a bicycle path can be found the technical memorial place - which was set the former economic railways of Szigetköz.