It is situated in the western gate of the country, 17 km far from Győr, on the bank of Mosoni Danube and it has been populated since ancient times. The most valuable natural treasure of the village is the bank of the Mosoni Danube. Its most important tourist attraction can be found in its sacred values. The Saint Lawrence Roman Catholic church was built in 1843 in classicist style and was renovated in 2011. The parish house in its neighbourhood was built according to Koós Károly’s plans in 1844. In its backyard, some outbuildings from the beginning of the 19th century and an open-air kitchen were restored in 2012, which serves as a venue for community events nowadays. The formation of a Sacred Cultural Space in the square in front of the church was finished in the summer of 2014, which not only functions as a public space, but with the help of its information boards, it also gives background to the sacred values of the village. A nature trail passes through the village, where covered resting places have been installed in each stations (e.g. on the bank of the Mosoni Danube, the sports field and the playground). These, by forming a coherent picture, mean community places for both the tourists and the people living in the village.